Blogging in a vacuum


As I embark on this blog, I’m getting a sense of the importance of having real content as the basis for a post. There is simply no way to spout off in a vacuum without the raw information and news from which to pontificate.

As much as some bloggers like to criticize the MSM, traditional media or whatever you want to call it, they would have nothing to talk about if there was no news out there being reported by journalists. I’m not saying that no bloggers are real journalists. I’ve never been wedded to the idea that journalists need some kind of special credential. It was pounded into me from long ago that journalism is not a profession like doctor or lawyer, but simply a trade. I didn’t go to journalism school, I just learned by doing at college papers and internships.

But there is a need for people dedicated to objectively seeking out facts and sharing that information widely. We need people who hold governments accountable by poring over public records and challenging officials. Someone has to travel to war zones and disasters to chronicle how lives are affected and give a voice to victims who need help. Keen observers must cut through corporate doublespeak and look at the numbers, and check if the latest cool gizmo actually does what it’s supposed to. Those people have been called journalists, no matter what medium they use to transmit their information. And they will always be needed to provide the raw stuff on which society functions.


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