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I left a comment on the Reflections of a Newsosaur blog about what I think is a delusional posting arguing that newspapers aren’t doing enough to engage audiences. I think the post is fundmentally confused about what’s going on in journalism. The problem is not reaching audiences. If you look at Web traffic, news organizations […]

This is a rather amusing leaked memo from the Raleigh News and Observer. It’s just another example of the unenlightened management that is leading newspapers to their death. The executive editor perhaps deserves some credit for letting the masses eat pizza, but this still basically just saddens me. Look at companies like Google and Facebook […]

Gannett’s CEO Craig Dubow is trying to show he feels his staff’s pain after announcements of layoffs, and is┬átaking a $200,000 pay cut. So that means his salary will only be $1 million. But before you play the world’s smallest violin for him, remember that he also gets other compensation through bonuses, stock, etc. for […]

Some interesting debate here about The New York Times and ProPublica teaming up to ask for $1 million from the Knight News Challenge. With loads of debt, the NYT could use any infusion of cash it can get, but is it in the spirit of the grant to help fund such a media organization? Many […]

I’ve been thinking about this leaked memo posted on Romenesko, where an anonymous staffer says that basically the LA Times will no longer have its own Washington bureau. Instead, they will be part of a combined Tribune Co. bureau, and only have two staffers specifically writing for the LA audience. It’s just the latest step […]