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Somehow, this NYT article on the role new media have played in the campaign just seems to be a bit obvious and late. I’m trying not to be like a snarky tech blog site and scoff at “gee whiz technology” pieces written by larger media organizations, but I just had to say something. I would […]

why naked?


Some of you might be curious about the blog name change. Basically, you can take a look at the about┬ápage and it’s all there. If we’ve learned anything from new media, it’s that a sensational headline can’t hurt to draw traffic. So let me know what you think, and welcome to my skinny dip into […]

i’m back


OK, now I’m finally at Stanford, finally have a new laptop computer, and finally want to start blogging again. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking since getting here, and indeed would like a place to jot down my thoughts. So hello world, I’m back.