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Dave Winer of Scripting News suggests that a new model for journalism could resemble jury duty, where citizens are pressed into press gangs and given some brief training before they are sent out to report. The problem with this is that it fails to address the real issue of why professional journalism is floundering: the […]

Nicholas Kristof mentions a new Web site that aims to do “citizen foreign correspondence.” It’s called Demotix and it proclaims itself to be the “citizen wire.” So I took a look. The site says it was founded because only four U.S. newspapers have foreign desks, which I suppose indicates that they have actual foreign correspondents […]

The New York Times writes about a network of citizen journalists reporting on the U.S. presidential campaign. While newspapers are slashing staffs, the outfit linked to the Huffington Post called Off the Bus claims to have amassed an army of 7,500 reporters — far more than any traditional American news organization today. For example, The […]