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One of my fellow Knight fellows Andrew has also started a blog to chronicle his thoughts during our time at Stanford. His first post is insightful and eloquent about the challenges facing the media. He also talks about why journalists have lost credibility with the public as the Internet lays bare the superficiality of what […]

The Economist highlights the fact that while the dismal news about U.S. newspapers seems unending, the story isn’t the same elsewhere around the world. Newspapers are flourishing in developing countries, boosted by rising literacy and prosperity. As people become more prosperous, they care more about what’s happening around them: The demand for news tends to […]

Nicholas Kristof mentions a new Web site that aims to do “citizen foreign correspondence.” It’s called Demotix and it proclaims itself to be the “citizen wire.” So I took a look. The site says it was founded because only four U.S. newspapers have foreign desks, which I suppose indicates that they have actual foreign correspondents […]