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Somehow, this NYT article on the role new media have played in the campaign just seems to be a bit obvious and late. I’m trying not to be like a snarky tech blog site and scoff at “gee whiz technology” pieces written by larger media organizations, but I just had to say something. I would […]

One intriguing experiment in a new journalism business model is, which was just launched with funding from the Knight News Challenge. The idea is that people donate money to fund coverage of stories they are interested in. Journalists can make pitches or the public can give tips on what they want to read about. […]

The deadline is tonight for the Knight News Challenge, a rare chance where $5 million is up for grabs for new ideas for journalism. I went to their meetup in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Basically, ideas vying for the prize have to meet three key conditions: Use open-technology Serve the public interest Serve […]

As I embark on this blog, I’m getting a sense of the importance of having real content as the basis for a post. There is simply no way to spout off in a vacuum without the raw information and news from which to pontificate. As much as some bloggers like to criticize the MSM, traditional […]

The AP reports that The New York Times is raising its newsstand price by a quarter to $1.50 for every day except Sunday. (That follows a similar move by The Wall Street Journal to boost its per-copy price a whole half-dollar.) A casual newsstand purchaser likely won’t bat an eye at 25 cents more for […]