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Newspapers around the country sold out of their post-election day issues, as people sought to remember the day the race barrier was swept out of the White House. While this one-day spike in sales will not be the salvation for print media, it does show people want something they can hold in their hands and […]

Somehow, this NYT article on the role new media have played in the campaign just seems to be a bit obvious and late. I’m trying not to be like a snarky tech blog site and scoff at “gee whiz technology” pieces written by larger media organizations, but I just had to say something. I would […]

The New York Times writes about a network of citizen journalists reporting on the U.S. presidential campaign. While newspapers are slashing staffs, the outfit linked to the Huffington Post called Off the Bus claims to have amassed an army of 7,500 reporters — far more than any traditional American news organization today. For example, The […]

The AP reports that The New York Times is raising its newsstand price by a quarter to $1.50 for every day except Sunday. (That follows a similar move by The Wall Street Journal to boost its per-copy price a whole half-dollar.) A casual newsstand purchaser likely won’t bat an eye at 25 cents more for […]