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I left a comment on the Reflections of a Newsosaur blog about what I think is a delusional posting arguing that newspapers aren’t doing enough to engage audiences. I think the post is fundmentally confused about what’s going on in journalism. The problem is not reaching audiences. If you look at Web traffic, news organizations […]

The Economist highlights the fact that while the dismal news about U.S. newspapers seems unending, the story isn’t the same elsewhere around the world. Newspapers are flourishing in developing countries, boosted by rising literacy and prosperity. As people become more prosperous, they care more about what’s happening around them: The demand for news tends to […]

The AP reports that The New York Times is raising its newsstand price by a quarter to $1.50 for every day except Sunday. (That follows a similar move by The Wall Street Journal to boost its per-copy price a whole half-dollar.) A casual newsstand purchaser likely won’t bat an eye at 25 cents more for […]